New information Please Read

From our TSA Executive Director: 
The  Fort Worth State TSA room block for you to reserve your  hotel rooms has opened.

Payment for Regional Affiliation has been backed up to March 1st - this is the $4/student affiliation. There is a blank invoice online that you can use to request a check. If you pay the affiliation fee  for  your students after March 1st there is a $50 late fee.
All contest data entry (projects) must be entered into the new data entry system ( by Feb 12th. If you have not received your login for Chapter Dashboard then please contact Steve Britt at
For each entry that you submit into the chapter dashboard you will be sent a PDF entry sheet that you must print at your school and attach to your project prior to arrival at regional contest. At that time projects will be scanned into the system and placed on the floor. 

Our next meeting will be Feb 25th at the Cy-Fair Ag Exhibit Center.

This is a very important meeting as we will be deciding on key things for contest. 

  • We will be looking for people to run some  of the contest areas
  • We will be talking about project locations and layouts

Brazos Valley Technology Student Association

Important Announcements from the Texas TSA Board of Directors regarding State Competition in April, 2018

To the membership of the Brazos Valley Technology Student Association, we must inform you that Texas TSA will NOT be returning to Waco for the  2018 Texas TSA State Contest.  

During the week immediately after the July Texas TSA Board of Directors meeting held in San Antonio, Texas TSA Executive Director Pam Cook received updated news from the Waco Hotel Association. Due to a very significant increase in tourism in Waco because of HGTV and the Magnolia Silos, Waco is now classified as a Top 5 destination in Texas.  Unfortunately for Texas TSA, that means that hotel rates in Waco have increased substantially.   This year, in an effort to make booking hotels easier for State Contest, Texas TSA had blocked 1000 rooms in Waco for the 2018 State Contest. When the Top 5 Destinations designation was announced, we lost approximately 50% of those blocked rooms.  Additionally, there is a National Collegiate Equestrian event being held at Baylor University that same weekend. This has caused a severe shortage of hotel rooms in Waco resulting in very high priced hotel rooms. Of the approximately 500 rooms lost from our hotel block, those hotels said they would renegotiate their rooms, but at a significant increase in rate. The rates were well past the limits published by the State of Texas that set how much government entities such as school districts can pay for lodging. Therefore, the Texas TSA Board of Directors met on Monday, August 14 to discuss the situation and review all possible solutions.  The Board of Directors voted to move the 2018 State Contest to the Fort Worth Convention Center, to be held Sunday, April 15 through Tuesday, April 17, 2018.   

While Sunday through Tuesday is not ideal, it was our only viable option for this year. Be assured that Texas TSA will be returning to a Thursday through Saturday format for the 2019 and following contest years.  

On the plus side, the Fort Worth Convention Center will provide significantly more space than the Waco Convention Center. So much so that we will not need to extend contest by an additional day like was originally planned for this year in Waco. This is significant for some school districts as students will only miss two days of school.   

Hotel rooms in Fort Worth MUST be reserved through a Texas TSA Hotel Block. Do NOT book your hotel rooms through individual hotels in Fort Worth – those schools that do NOT use the Texas TSA Hotel Block will be charged a penalty of $100.00 per day per student attending State Contest. This penalty will be added to that chapters State Contest Entry Fees. The Texas TSA Hotel Block will open after October 1, 2017 and a link will be found on the Texas TSA website.  An email from Pam Cook will be sent out to all chapters when the hotel block opens.   
While it is very disappointing to be ending a 41 year tradition by leaving Waco, the City of Fort Worth has many opportunities to offer Texas TSA.  In order to make this as easy as a transition as possible, Texas TSA Executive Director Pam Cook will be putting together information on the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth hotels and Fort Worth itself.  Please feel free to contact Pam at  with any concerns or questions you may have. Pam will use your questions along with those of others from across Texas TSA to construct an FAQ guide that will go on the website later in the semester.   
Billing for State Competition fees will NO longer be processed through the Regional Associations.  Chapters will now be invoiced and billed directly through Texas TSA.  Please check with your school and/or district purchasing to verify that Texas TSA is a vendor.  Paperwork to apply for vendor status will be made available on the Texas TSA website by the end of August to assist you with making Texas TSA a vendor if we are not. 

State Competition Entry fees will be $12/entry.  Effective for the 2018 State Competition, there will also be a Registration Fee for ALL conference attendees of $15/person.  Conference Attendees are students, advisors, administration, chaperones, and guests.  Each school will be eligible for a limited number of complimentary registrations, more details will follow. 

Please make sure to give your school district’s CTE Department/Coordinator(s) a heads up about this change. You might also want to inform your Transportation Dept. as this is about 2 hours further from our schools. As always, we will be passing along any updates or new information concerning the Texas TSA State Contest and/or anything concerning Fort Worth just as soon as we get that information. Thank you for your support and dedication to the membership of Texas TSA!  Here's to an exciting and successful 2017/18 school year! 

State Rulebook will be available after October 1, 2017.  New events are coming to address the 2017 CTE TEKS as well as new rules governing "native files".  Additionally, a new documentation template for both Level 1 and Level 2 projects is currently being developed and will be made available in the State Rulebook after October 1, 2017.